[PRIME from the Daily Bruin] On Tovaangar

BY RANIA SOETIRTO // ART BY LAUREN MAN Spring 2021 “People of the land.” The natural setting of Kuruvungna Springs feels as if it resists LA’s urban landscape. Tucked between tight asphalt streets and a high school football field, the entrance to the springs sits between rows of buildings and apartment complexes of West LA. … Read more

[Daily Bruin] Op-ed: Americans should remember and honor Native American roots every day

By Kat High and Shannon Speed November 27, 2020 Nov. 27 is Native American Heritage Day. The first American Indian Day was celebrated in New York in May of 1916. The event brought to fruition the work of Red Fox Skiukusha of the Blackfeet Nation, who rode 4,000 miles across the country on horseback, eventually … Read more

[Daily Bruin] American Indian and Alaska Native faculty seek greater representation at UCLA

By Anushka Chakrabarti November 29, 2020 Shannon Speed knows every American Indian and Alaska Native faculty member at UCLA. “It’s uncomfortable being a faculty member where you know every other faculty member of your demographic category,” said Speed, who is a citizen of the Chickasaw Nation and an associate professor of gender studies and anthropology. … Read more

[Daily Bruin] UCLA’s ethnic studies centers look back on accomplishments, discuss goals for future

By Shelby Dunagan Posted: May 20, 2019 12:04 am The UCLA Institute of American Cultures and its four ethnic studies research centers celebrated their 50th anniversary and talked at a panel about what they have accomplished since their creation in the field of ethnic studies. The directors of the UCLA American Indian Studies Center, UCLA … Read more

[Daily Bruin] Book talk to focus on environmental conflicts in Native American history

By Alexsandra Coltun Schneider May 14, 2019 More than 1.5 billion acres of land have been taken from Native Americans, according to a study by Slate Magazine. Amid the virtual normalization of this process, the idea of returning land to indigenous individuals shouldn’t be left off the table, said author and educator Dina Gilio-Whitaker. UCLA’s … Read more

[Daily Bruin] UCLA students, faculty celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day in event

By Hedy Wang Posted: October 10, 2017 1:38 am A tribal elder of the FernandeñoTataviam Band of Mission Indians burned sage in the air as the chair of the Los Angeles City and County Indian Commission gave a blessing to all those present at an Indigenous Peoples Day celebration Monday. The event, which was hosted by … Read more